It’s been six months since we last hung out together with you. Tonight was an opportunity to try out new equipment, the new website and take a show to get all the gremlins out of the way. If you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a show you are about to get a true glimpse into a recorded dry run of what we are going to re-introduce to the world.

So when you are listening, yes, we didn’t use the open…we blabbered a bit and made some production mistakes. We talked about not uploading the show and decided that isn’t our style.

Our show genuine, authentic and real. So here is our first show of 2018 with all of the goofs yes, and it has all the entertainment, laughs, commentary and great guests that you have come to expect from us.

We talked sports, music (especially vinyl), life, entertainment and we just had a great time. We even talked about IFC and Hank Azaria’s Brockmire!

Thanks to John Records Landecker. What a name for a DJ! And yes, Records is his birth middle name. More thanks to Ron Maierhofer, the former owner of the MISL’s Denver Avalanche and author. And even more thanks to Mark Dawson, the leader and bassist of The Grass Roots. Mark is one of our favorite guests and truly a great sport and great artist.

If you ever wondered what a song means, we break down Mark’s new track “It’s 1967 (Again)” line by line. Fun stuff!

So sit back and enjoy, warts and all. SILVERMAN: On Sports is back and better than ever! Well, we are back at least!