So great to be back and in the saddle again. Last week was like a restaurant’s soft opening. Tonight we let the doors fly open and welcomed you into the building.

We started with music…then did a little more music. Weather and sports and gambling followed. Was it a great time? You betcha!

Thanks to Andy Costantini of the Rollables for coming on and talking music with us. His career and music mixed in with his favorites. We got him to sing a little Zepplin (a first for the show) as well some great jazz with Coltrane.

John Gerard is our resident meteorologist and is just a really cool guy. We did talk about the weather, his career and style as well as the upcoming hurricane season. Let’s hope it’s a boring one.

Dave Lamont knows his sports. Dave is a great friend of the show and tonight we started right in with today’s Supreme Court decision to legalize sports books nationwide. We got some more sports in of course and mixed in some bowling for good measure.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!