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11-19-2018: Cyd Zeigler from Outsports on Emily Scheck, Dave Schofield and Rick Levy from The Box Tops & More. | Silverman On Sports

I do love feel good stories, you know, the ones with happy endings. Emily Scheck is a Division I student-athlete at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Emily’s parents disowned her for being gay and her school’s community rallied around her to help. A Go Fund Me campaign put her Cross Country Scholarship at risk with the NCAA until Cyd Zeigler at Outsports.com told her story. Thankfully the NCAA did the right thing and Emily will never have to worry about her tuition, books or food.The campaign for Emily is not longer accepting donations as it topped $100,000! The support for Emily proves there are amazing, caring people in the world. The campaign for Emily is not longer accepting donations as it topped $100,000!

Cyd is a great friend of the show and he came on and told Emily’s story.

Dave Schofield is a Canisius grad and the former color analyst for the Golden Griffins’ basketball program. Another amazing friend of the show, Dave came on to talk about Emily support from his school, baseball and soccer.

Rick Levy is not your usual rock star, he is a big time business man too! Rick front the legendary rock group The Box Tops and he has gone beyond writing “The Letter” writing his memoir with a great title,”HIGH IN THE MID 60’s-HOW TO HAVE A FABULOUS LIFE IN MUSIC WITHOUT BEING FAMOUS!”

Listen and have some fun with us!