I don’t think that Tim Tebow ever set out to be a cartoon character. But he is. He is also a man that seems to be of the utmost character, which is something that more sports figure should strive to be like.

The reality of “Tebow Time” is it’s much larger than the last minute or two of a game when the announcer believes it’s Tim Terrific’s opportunity to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat.

Yes, he has been winning. Bronco fans are thrilled, as they should be. Gator fans are still so proud of their guy and they should be. He has also become a very polarizing figure. I don’t think he means to be, I really believe Tebow is just being himself.

It seems that everything is about Tim these days. Turn on Sportscenter and it’s wall to wall coverage of Tebow. His top ten plays. His story. His mission work. His squeaky clean image. I know that others have hired private investigators to see if he is anything different that the guy he seems to be and found nothing. I am glad about that. It would be a shame for him to be a sham.

Off the field he seems to be Mother Theresa, on the field I am still not a believer. If I told you “I have a quarterback for you.” He went 10 of 21 for 168, 1 touchdown and two interceptions in a win. You would tell me, “I am glad we won but those are not numbers I want in my long term starting QB.” Well that is Tim Tebow, but because its Tebow some people think he walks on water. He doesn’t.

He runs on grass, sometimes turf. He doesn’t walk on water. He is the best tight end playing quarterback in the National Football League.

He is also become fodder for political cartoons, David Letterman’s Top Ten List and now Jimmy Fallon has been able to not only parody Tebow but David Bowie at the same time. Sports. Classic Ziggy Stardust. Talk about creating a perfect combination of creative control!

Tonight, Tebow will put it on the line against one of the most successful teams and quarterbacks of recent seasons, the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

If the Broncos win, his legend will grow. If they lose, will he be able to shoulder the responsibility while “Tebowing”?

Yes, they are talking about his kneeling as a dictionary entry.

I wonder if they will use a photograph of him or the artwork from a coloring book?


Check out the video below. Not the one from Fallon’s show (that was removed by NBC) this link is from Jimmy’s appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight