Tonight was the most important show I have ever done in my career. The most informative, detailed piece of journalism I have ever created. Take a listen to the podcast and I think you will find it is on par with the exposes done by the likes of 60 Minutes, Real Sports on HBO and ESPN’s Sportscenter. SILVERMAN: On Sports came of age tonight.

I want to thank Ari Russell, the co-founder and co-editor of, Laura Deitsch, Clinical Professional Mental Health Counselor and Bruce Udolf, former federal prosecutor as well as a fantastic caller for helping me put the unfolding tragedy at Penn State in focus.

There is a brand new SILVERMAN: On Sports being built. There is a brand new vision for this radio show and for this host. As I say in the opening of the show, put on your seat belts boys and girls, you are in for a wild ride! I promise it is going to be an amazing ride!

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