You think that Twitter has power? You are right. I was amazed by the amount of tweets flying during the game and some of the comments. Just in case you missed it or you just want to relive it. My running takes during Super Bowl XLVI.

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From the last to the first. Enjoy!

This just in….#Tebow would have completed that Hail Mary Pass that #Brady couldn’t!

#Eli is the better #Manning WOW

#Brady will be greatest ever he he leads #Pats to win

Take the pts. Make #Pats be u RT @ESPNMarkJones: It’s so counter instinctive to NOT score. Can’t blame him for not falling down

Did #Cris really say if a running back breaks free fall down at the one rather than score a TD? This is the best color #NBC can find?

Prevent defense! Preventing you from winning the #SuperBowl since 1967

#Brady may get his wish…ball in hand to win versus #Manning have ball to win

Cris as worthless as the diploma he got at #Florida

Love that Al corrected him! RT @MiamiFan11: Lmao RT”@FauxJohnMadden: “Wes Welker makes that catch 100 times out of 100..” I guess not Cris.”

Let’s see what #Eli is made of

The next big thing…AGAIN? RT @WindhorstESPN: Um, we’ve already moved past needing pens for PDAs

If the Chiefs had won Super Bowl I…would the #Pats & #Giants be playing for the Stram Trophy?

Does Montley Crüe make KIA cool?

Same company gave you an orgasmic FIAT RT @piersmorgan: Loved that Clint Eastwood/Chrysler ad – USA needs more rhetoric like this right now

Honda wins! Ferris!

Not nationwide 🙁 RT @JessicaNorthey: “@mrbjorke: Did Jack in the box really make a commercial that says you may now eat the bride?”

RT @ajcsportseditor: Another #SuperBowl nail-biter to begin 4Q. Your call: #Pats or #Giants..

This might be the fastest #superbowl I can remember

I’m still write! Stone Cold Lock, I Know Who Will Win the Super Bowl

Irony…owned by the same company! RT @fakenedyost: F DETROIT. I WANT THAT ORGASM CAR

The Acura NSX is hotter than #Madonna

Great ad for a car you will never buy but you want to find a woman with a scorpion tattoo on the nape of her neck down you!

Mr. Montana have you met Mr. Brady?

Which Green will make a bigger impact on the #SuperBow? Cee Lo or Ellis?

Sales of #Madonna book SEX will be non existent

Prince in the Purple Rain in Miami! RT @EthanJSkolnick: Favorite halftime shows seen

Don’t forget Cee Lo Green has a #UGA “G” under that robe…nothing else!

#Madonna doing Like A Prayer…this is a political ad for Mitt Romney!

Thanks! RT @JagsFan93: Hey… the Lingerie Bowl is going on right now… public service to the world.

Amen! RT @JerryPetuck: This is the oddest karaoke halftime show EVER!!!!! Can we get Prince back in the fold????

#Madonna is gonna break out into Hey Mickey!

Will Arnett RT @taylorhayden7: Who’s the dude trying to act like Alec Baldwin in Hulu? Madonnas preety good for a 50 year old.

I find it ironic that the #NFL would select #Madonna for the halftime show. Isn’t she known for not wearing a wardrobe to malfunction

Time to watch In Living Color halftime show!

Told you it was dangerous to let the #Pats hang around…10-9

Look for #Madonna halftime show to be sponsored by KY…it’ll get her wet!

An #NFL program Play 60 designed to get kids out of the house was sponsored by XBOX…#NFL sells out again!

I’m buying flowers now! Tweet you later!

87 has to have an impact for the #Pats#Giants letting them hang around. Dangerous!

How sad. I am looking forward to The Voice after the game more than #Madonna at halftime

Like i said RT @CabeyKabe: @UptownReport 2nd round pick Samson Satele , now playing for Raiders. The story of the dolphins 4 the last decade

Ample? #pats in #SuperBowl #Dolphins home RT @UptownReport: @CabeyKabe they didn’t let him go. He left and they got ample compenation.

So where’s all the Pro-Family organizations boycotting the #SuperBowl because @howardstern was in a commercial for #NBC America’s Got Talent

Rather see Victoria Beckham 1/2 naked in a spot than David…just saying! I’m Posh 🙂

So far Coke ad biggest dud I talk commercials along with the Game tomorrow night 7-9p EST on Click on Sofloradio icon

Letting #Welker go brilliant move by the #Dolphins

#barrymanilow and #Twinkies bad and bankrupt selling #Chevys
Ok who had the #Giants scoring a safety to begin the scoring? Be honest!
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#NBC piece on #Eli Manning had footage of #Petyon wearing a #UGA Georgia sweatshirt!
I am so excited about the In Loving Color Halftime Show on FOX! Anything to avoid Madonna!
#NFL considers dropping the #probowl Really? But it is so good! Stone Cold Lock, I Know Who Will Win the Super Bowl
Whew, I am exhausted copying and pasting. Fun way to review the game. More ads than football. Interesting. I think most tweeted the same way.
See you on the radio tonight!