It started as a clever rhyme. A mantra for a select group of Miami Dolphin fans that were tired of losing and not drafting a quarterback, year after year.

I have to admit it was a cute thing. At the beginning of the 2011 season, it actually seems like it was working. The Fins lost week after week after week. As the losses mounted so did the prospect that Miami could actually be in position to draft number one overall in the upcoming NFL draft. Dolfans were thinking there was no way the front office brass could screw this no brainer up.

Funny thing happened on the way to Radio City Music Hall, April 26-28. Miami won their first game 31-3 over the Kansas City Chiefs. Then they added a few more wins and finished their season 6-10. They fired their coach along their way and now Stephen Ross is searching for a new head coach and kept his front office leader, Jeff Ireland and suddenly the faithful aren’t talking Andrew Luck anymore. They can’t, he will be gone by number 9. Cue The Beatles White Album.

Here’s the funny part. The Colts sucked so much they “earned” the top overall pick. Not something anyone would have predicted at the beginning of the season. The Colts have arguably the best quarterback of all time in Peyton Manning. There was no way they could be so bad, but then Manning didn’t play all year and then voila, number one pick.

Many will say the Colts have Manning they don’t need Luck. Are you kidding me? Look how well having Aaron Rodgers carrying a clipboard for Bret Farve worked out. The Colts despite firing their front office last week are drooling over Andrew Luck.

How lucky for the Colts, they get their QB of the future. As for the Dolphins, they get their “next” head coach.