Don’t you just love the Super Bowl? The history. The hype. The commercials.

I do. I love it all. The big game has become the single biggest television event every year. The first Super Bowl wasn’t even called the Super Bowl. The ticket prices, $6-$12 and there were thousands of empty seats. Two different television networks aired the game.

Today. The tickets have face values over $600. I just saw as part of ESPN’s one million hours of coverage leading up to kickoff that parking is $350. For parking! Are you serious?

Then you have the Chevy app you can download to win one of twenty cars. Many of the commercials have commercials you can watch on the web for more entertainment.  I just got back from the supermarket and I swear it was more crowded today than before Thanksgiving. Crazy stuff.

Somewhere lost in all of this excess they will play a football game. I look forward to each game. Some are better than others. Some are classics others are duds. Today’s game…hmmmm…will it be a nail biter or a bore. Eli Manning is looking to win his second ring in as many tries in his brothers backyard. Tom Brady is looking for his fourth ring in five appearances.

I don’t bet on sports. So why have a headline that starts, “Stone Cold Lock,” well the truth is in the irony. No one knows who is going to win. Not Vegas. Not the odds makers. Not the players. So why is it that I listen to commercial after commercial telling me if I dial this 800 number or that one, I will be given the can’t lose prediction of the game. It’s all garbage. If these predictors were really that good, they would win the lottery every week and they would have invented Facebook.

Who will win? I have no idea. I know that the Giants will play the Patriots. I know it’s a rematch of four years ago. I know the Patriots are still smarting from losing their perfect season to the G-Men in Super Bowl XLII. So who will win Super Bowl XLVI. You tell me. I am rooting for a great game, great commercials and hoping my wings are delicious.

How about you?