Time to cue the music. The party is about to begin.

It’s not time to dance yet. This may be college basketball, but it’s just like high school. Before you go to the Big Dance, you have to make the rounds of the pre-parties.

And so it goes. Conference tournaments this weekend. Then the selection committee. Then the brackets. Then everyone fills them out. Then the “Real Dance”starts.

Are you tired from that last paragraph? I am. I’m exhausted and nothing has happened yet.

This is the beauty of the process. This is why a tournament to crown a champion is so wonderful. This is why college football’s biggest stage has to pay attention to this March to the Madness after the 2011 football season. This is the way it should be.

Yep, I am actually using this upcoming NCAA tournament to make yet another plea to the powers that be to scrap the BS of the farce they call the BCS and create a playoff system. Read my words, it’s time boys and girls. Enough is enough. Give us what we want. Give us a tournament. Give us a real champion. You know you want it too!

It’s not hard. You know you will get the money. Oh my, you’re going to get the money. You will get the publicity. Oh my, you’re going to get the publicity. It will be bigger than the Super Bowl. Oh my, did I just say something of blasphemy? Yes I did.

So take every TV in your house and put them in one room. Run the wires all over the place so that you can watch every game from every conference from every part of this great land. Take your notes and get ready to fill out your brackets. Enjoy every minute of the pre-party before the Big Dance.

This is the best part of the beginning of spring.

Pick out your prettiest dress and find your date.

March to the Madness.

I’ll be the one in the straight jacket!