Jerry Sandusky has no moral fiber. He is selfish and grotesque and I am mortified by the actions he has take to abuse children. I am disgusted by is insistence of making his victims relive their horrors in open court.

Sandusky faces fifty two charges of sexual child abuse. He denies them all. He has waived pretrial motions and wants to go straight to a trial. Go for it Jerry. Continue to be selfish and think only of yourself. You did it when you were abusing young boys and you are thinking of only yourself when you make them face you once again.

Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot

Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot


I know that all these charges are alleged and I do have faith in the court system. So I look forward to you being judged by a jury of your peers. But here is the thing Sandusky, you don’t have many peers. Where are they going to find twelve men and women that have sexually abused young boys? I am not trying to be funny with that statement, I am trying to emphasize the pure inhumanity of his actions.

This process should be quick. Justice should be swift and I want this tragedy to be an example of how you can’t use your power for evil and get away with it. Sandusky had an organization that was supposed to lift up troubled children and he used it for his own twisted perversions to tear apart their lives.

A coward. Pure and simple. A real man would admit what he did was wrong and spare all his victims the public and private torment all over again. A real man would take responsibility for his actions. A real man would have been a football coach and mentor not a pretender and abuser.

Shame on Jerry Sandusky. Shame on anyone that knew what he was doing and did nothing to stop it. Shame on anyone that defends him.

It’s ironic that in the Wizard of Oz, the Lion was the coward. This time it’s a Nittany Lion.