I think I am the only sports writer in the world that has not yet written a piece on Jeremy Lin. Until now.

What you will not find in this column is a single pun playing off his last name. You will not read about creative headlines or fired headline writers.

Jeremy Lin is a very nice basketball player. He has captured the attention of the NBA world. He is a great story.

He is a Harvard graduate.

To me, that is the fact that needs to be emphasized. So to drive (the lane) my point home, Jeremy Lin GRADUATED from Harvard University.

Yes that Harvard. The same school that gave us the fathers of Facebook and Microsoft and Two-Face (from the really bad Batman movie).

If we go into the numbers, Lin put up some big time numbers out of the Ivy League: 1483 points, 487 boards, 406 assists and 225 steals (yes, he learned to be a thief at the most prestigious college in the world). He also put up a 3.1 grade point average while getting an Economics degree in 2010. That last sentence is what really impresses me.

In a time when basketball players are one and done in college. Rent-a-players by basketball factories, Lin got his degree. He didn’t go to school to make it to the NBA. He made it to the NBA because he went to school. What a novel concept.

He is the talk of the town because he is playing well. He took control of the New York Knicks while their superstars were part of a M*A*S*H unit’s recovery room. The NBA even made a place for him to participate in the upcoming All-Star Weekend.

Everyone I have spoken to about him talks about what a nice guy he is and how well grounded he seems. He made a YouTube video on how to get into Harvard. Turns out it only takes five easy steps. I missed those when I was filling out my college applications. He is my kind of athlete, a cool nerd with a sense of humor.

What is the future of Jeremy Lin? No one knows, but I hope that he continues to stay calm, cool  and collected. I hope he gets all the endorsement deals he can earn. I hope all of this success and attention makes him a better basketball player instead of a footnote in the annals of professional sports. It would be a shame for this shooting star to burn out as fast as Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, Icky Woods and Dontrelle Willis.

Harvard. NBA. All that is missing from Lin’s resume at this point is an MBA.