Who’s first? GEORGIA!

Georgia should always be listed first in that border battle between the two storied college football programs.  On the eve of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, let’s clear up why it’s always GEORGIA before Florida.

Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies. Statehood came in 1788. Florida didn’t become a state until 1845. GEORGIA first!

Georgia is on top of Florida on the map. GEORGIA first!

Georgia became the first chartered state university in the country, founded in 1785. Florida was created in 1853. GEORGIA first!

Georgia started playing football in 1892. Florida in 1904. Florida claims the game in 1904 didn’t count and they started their program in 1906. GEORGIA first!

Georgia won the first meeting between the two schools in 1904. Florida didn’t win one until the 1928 game. GEORGIA first!

Georgia played in its first bowl game in 1942. Florida in 1952. GEORGIA first!

Georgia won its first pigskin national championship in 1942. Florida in 1996. GEORGIA first!

Georgia won its first Heisman Trophy in 1942. Florida in 1966. GEORGIA first!

Georgia has beaten Florida 48 times. Florida has won only 40 times. GEORGIA first!

Georgia is named before Florida on the 2012 game logo. GEORGIA first!

I could do this all day long and I don’t even need Bill Clinton to do the math for me.

GEORGIA first!