I really have to laugh. Not because it’s TGIF, although that is a great thing. No, I have to chuckle because Miami Dolphin fans are lunatics!

First, self hating fans of the Fish started a clever refrain, SUCKFORLUCK. They took joy in their favorite team losing. This is a concept that I simply don’t understand. Isn’t being a die hard about “Stand(ing) by your Man.” I can’t believe I just referenced a country song,

Well, the Dolphins started to win after putting up 7 straight losses to start the 2011 season. Poof, number one pick gone.

Dolfans sad. 🙁

The management fires Tony Sparano as head coach with 3 games left in the season.

Dolfans happy. 🙂

Since then, Miami has hired Joe Philbin as their new head coach. I thought they had hired Regis. After all, he was free after leaving his talker with Kelly Ripa.

Now, the “faithful” are on a new kick, err, drive…Peyton Manning. Some fans pitched in to buy a billboard to help bring the Indianapolis Colts quarterback to Miami. I realize that there are rumors flying about what is going to happen with Peyton. But really? Since Andrew Luck is going to go number one to the Colts, you think the most prolific QB of the last 14 years is going to want to come to South Florida and lead your team?

The Colts would be foolish to let him go. They do have to pay him a big time bonus if he is on the roster on March 8.  Unless he really isn’t healthy enough to play in 2012, I can’t imagine they are going to let their franchise leave for the promise of pressing their Luck.

From SUCKFORLUCK to Payday for Peyton. What’s next Dolfans? You already have Jimmy Buffett as a minority owner!