It’s official. Peyton Manning was cut loose by the Indianapolis Colts. Once again, the Colts figured out how to screw up a great thing.

The Colts created a football legacy in Baltimore beginning in 1953 and in the middle of the night in March, 1984 they skipped town for Indiana. That was done by Robert Irsay, this move was orchestrated by his son Jim. Basically, like father, like son.

Now, Manning gets to interview teams to decide where he wants to finish his Hall of Fame career. I hope he finds a home that not only beats the Colts regularly, but where he can win a ring. Too bad next year’s Super Bowl isn’t in the “Building Peyton Built.”

I have to wonder if Manning was healthy last year and went 15-1 instead of 1-15, if the Colts would be in the money saving business. You have to understand Irsay is cutting the best quarterback in the history of the NFL loose because of dollars, certainly not sense!

Early tonight, I had to laugh. It dawned on me there was once a quarterback that refused to play for the Colts. He went on to a Hall of Fame career with the…Denver Broncos. No…not Tim Tebow. Don’t be silly.

That QB was John Elway.

Don’t cry for Manning. Unlike when he was drafted out of Tennessee with the first overall pick in 1998 by the hapless Colts, he will do the drafting this time around.

Number 18 will be number 1 no matter where he becomes the signal caller.

The Colts, I wish them Luck. They are going to need him.