Where have all the leaders gone? This entire college football season has been dominated by two ongoing themes, scandals and uniforms. There will be no uni talk in this column. The focus will be squarely on the lack of judgement by the…coaches?!?!?

Even before the season started with Jim Tressel’s dismissal was the talk of the sports world. Then Hurricane Nevin hit Coral Gables and the University of Miami. There are plenty more examples but I really don’t want to revisit them.

slide 190005 354049 large 300x218 College Coaches Leading Their Student Athletes to the Abyssphoto credit: Huffington Post

I have to admit that I am really drained by the tragedy at Penn State. The volumes of information and misinformation coming out of State College, PA is staggering. Continually, I find myself sickened by nearly every update reported. I am not sure if there is a coach or administrator at that school worthy of remaining at PSU let alone ever coaching or being a part of an institution of higher learning again.

Now, this morning, I read that Missouri Head Football Coach Gary Pinkel has been arrested for DWI. Enough already.

College coaches are supposed to be role models. Parents send their children to universities to play ball for coaches that walk into their living rooms and preach about how they will develop their sons and daughters into fine young men and women through the lessons they learn in the classroom and the playing field. Just picture the recruiting scene from “The Blind Side.”

After this year, what parent is going to say with 100% certainty, “Yep, that’s the right guy for you.” I don’t think I have confidence in anyone now.

One coach is facing multiple sexual abuse charges of minors and he goes on national TV and makes matters worse for everyone including himself.  Another is fired for not doing enough. One is on administrative leave for his own protection. The “protected” guy said he told the cops and the cops say he didn’t. He also said that he stopped a rape as it was happening and I read another report today that stated he played golf with the same monster he supposedly stopped? I am dizzy now, so I think I will start another paragraph.

Whew, I feel a little bit better now. Although, I have to say, I do have a bucket next to my desk just in case before I finish this column, another story comes out of stupidity from another college coach.

For years, I have said that college sports was the minor leagues for the pros. It’s not anymore. The crimes we read about by professional athletes are not exclusive to the pros. The young athletes are getting busted more frequently. Some will say, young people have to learn lessons the hard way.

My question is, who are they learning from?