Ok boys and girls. It’s time to release my annual list of things I want for the holidays.  Everyone has a Top Ten List so here is my Electric Eleven (a tip of my hat to my favorite unsigned, unknown band the Electric Menorahs. Are you ready to…..GRUMBLE! Bah humbug!

11. I want Dolphin fans to stop celebrating when all the NFL teams have lost a game. Yes, 1972 was a magical season but it was nearly 40 years ago. Grow up! What the No Names accomplished will never be forgotten. The Dolphins did it first. No one can take that away from them.

10. I want Boise State to be given a lot of presents. Let’s start with a Major Conference. Not the Big East. I mean, c’mon, how many states are between Idaho and the Atlantic Ocean. Hey PAC-12 what are you afraid of? Being shown up by a bunch of kids that play on blue turf? Man up! I want the Broncos to get the respect they deserve. Everyone loves the Mile High Tebow version, why the haters of BSU? 12-1 on the year. Their only loss by ONE point. It’s time to recognize they are an elite Major Program.

9. I want Tiger Woods to dominate golf again. I miss watching golf. I miss playing golf. Golf just isn’t interesting anymore. No disrespect to Luke Donald, the Player of the Year but YAWN. For years, I have said that Woods is just a fraction off because of his bad knee. Think about it, if you have a bum knee, you have no balance. Without balance, you can’t firmly putt and that has been the difference between old Tiger and today’s Tiger. I won’t even discuss his life off the course. It doesn’t deserve a mention.

8. I want to know if they even play professional tennis anymore. I think they still play Wimbledon but I can’t find it on HBO so I am not sure. Tennis peaked in the late 70s, early 80s and since Borg, McEnroe, Connors, et al left the game, no one has taken their place. I know some will say, Federer, Nadal, Sampras or even Agassi but nope, not the same. Props to Andre for dating Babs though.

7. I want Bud Selig to resign effective immediately as commish of Major League Baseball. Aside from the Wild Card, what has he done for baseball? Nada. Well, not true. He turned a blind eye to steroids, allowed a tie in an All-Star game, allowed the Marlins to sell off their World Series Champions, twice. Parading Pete Rose out as part of the All-Century Team but still won’t allow him back in baseball. Hypocrisy.  Oh I can go on and on but I want a leader that will actually utter the words, “In the best interest of baseball.”

6. I want to see labor peace in all the major sports. I am happy that the NBA lockout is over and the NFL figured their deal out before either sport lost their season the way the NHL did a few years ago. On a side note of the NBA deal, I really did want to see the Flint Tropics trade Jackie Moon to the Heat for Lebron James. I really wanted to see a “Moon over Miami!” Yes I wrote that one myself and tweeted it too!

5. I want the Olympics to go back to its amateur roots. NO professionals in any sport. The Dream Team of 1992 was cool but enough already. The pros have their outlets. Let’s see what our best college basketball players can do against the world. The reality is that the rest of the world did play their pros and the USA finally relented all because we wanted to win. Sports is more about just winning, it really is about how you play the game. Just ask the 1980 hockey team that won gold at Lake Placid. Not a single pro on the ice, just a MIRACLE.

4. I want silly fan movements like SUCKFORLUCK to fade away as fast as they started. It’s cute and it rhymes but seriously, wanting your favorite team to lose so you can get the top pick in the draft? That’s not being a fan. I actually wanted to the Dolphins to win games this year so it wouldn’t happen and I never want them to win.

3. I want to abolish the NCAA. If I have to give reasons why, then you don’t follow sports. If you really want my reasons, comment on this column and I will comment back.

2. I want their to be a constitutional amendment outlawing artificial turf and the designated hitter. Oops sorry, I quoted Bull Durham.

1. I want a playoff system in FBS college football. I have already outlined it on my radio show (SILVERMAN: On Sports live every Monday night 7-9pm EST on Sofloradio.com, shameless plug) but I will give you the details right now just in case the NCAA is not abolished or Mark Cuban or FedEx is reading this column. Eight teams. 6 bowl games. Take the Big Four: Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose and add two more. One must be the Cotton because they were a major bowl years ago and you know Jerry Jones would love to have a major game in his new house. As for the sixth, sell it to the highest bidder since it’s all about money anyway. But please not the Taxslayer.com Gator Bowl. That name just sucks. Seed the teams 1-8 and play it off. Each of the six major bowls rotate the BCS Championship game like they do now and bam…a true National Champion.

I know I don’t ask for much. Yes, of course I want world peace and Congress to get along and snow in South Florida on Christmas Eve, so I didn’t even add those to the list. So raise your glass of egg nog, light your menorah and sing Adam Sandler as loud as you can.I wish you all a great 2012 from the SILVER MAN: On Sports!