I watched waiting for something to change.

But nothing really changed. I kept waiting for LSU to show up. I am still waiting. If I was amazed by the win Tim Tebow threw on Sunday, I was shocked by the lack of anything by the Tigers Monday night.

21-0 Alabama over LSU. That is the only thing that changed. Five field goals and a touchdown.

This was supposed to be a national championship game. It wasn’t. It was a domination by a team that should not have been playing for a national title.

We now have the worst possible outcome. The team that couldn’t win its division or its conference has won a national title. This is bad, very bad.

Or is it. If this season doesn’t bring about a playoff system of some kind in the highest level of college football nothing will. Yes Alabama won. They dominated. They destroyed. And they do deserve to be the national champs. There, I said it.

I watched the BCS Game waiting for a game to break out. There was no game from the boys from the bayou. Alabama simply manhandled the LSU from the first play to the last. The only penalty they had was in garbage time. The only miscue was a missed extra point.

Nick Saban has now won three national crowns in the BCS era. No other coach has done that. He has done it with two different schools, the other? LSU.

This Tiger loss is completely on Les Miles. Plain and simple. LSU was flat, not prepared, boring. They played without a sense of urgency. They played without heart. They played without soul. And they did it all in a town that has urgency, heart and soul.

Questions abound regarding what happened on the Tiger sidelines. Why was the play calling so blah? Why did Jordan Jefferson play the entire game? Why didn’t Jarrett Lee get a series to see what he could do? LSU never seemed to find a rhythm in a city that produces such beautiful music.

Your national champions are once again from Alabama. Three years in a row this state has delivered a title to their citizens.

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide. I want a name when they lose. This year, shockingly, that name is LSU.