Are you laughing?

I think I fell asleep when the game was 9-0 Alabama. I slept really, really well.

For anyone that ever needed to take an Ambien to sleep, I have an alternative, the 2012 BCS Championship Game. If you didn’t DVR it, then just wait about two weeks and you will be able to get it free with your paid subscription to Sports Illustrated.

I heard that the Crimson Tide beat LSU 21-0 to “win” the national championship. It was a dominating performance by the Bama boys in the Superdome. I was very shocked by the lack of desire, heart, soul, drive (insert your noun here). I question whether LSU was even in the building. I question why Les Miles kept sending Jordan Jefferson back onto the field.

So your 2012 title holder hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Are they the best team in the country? They were the best team on Monday night. That I am certain of, but the best team this year? Hmmmm….kinda like my feelings of Tim Tebow, I am not a believer.

The bowl season was a bore. It was horrible. The Orange Bowl, not a “classic” certainly not a major bowl. #15 versus #24? And number #24 West Virginia puts up 70, 70!!!!!!!! on Clemson! What a joke. Then you have Boise State 11-1 going into the bowls. Their one loss was by a point, a point and they played in a bowl game so early in December, I think most school children in this country weren’t on vacation yet. The worst named bowl of the year? That one is easy! Say it with me, the Gator Bowl. Boy, I hope they make their money back on that sponsorship! Laughing now?

There are so many bowls, I am proud to say, that I played in a bowl game this year. I was a team of one but I won! 24-18 over (fill is the smallest school you can think of, I beat them all) and it was an exciting game. With two seconds left on the clock in the fourth, I kicked a 71 yard field goal into the wind, right down the middle and I carried myself off the field like the  Miami Dolphins carried Jason Taylor off after their big win over the New York Jets. I know you are saying to yourself right now, that whole thing was a really bad joke Bruce. Damn right it was.

Bowl games are a joke.

Meaningless. From the first one of the season all the way to the “BIG” one. The big one had horrible TV ratings but the country slept better than they would have on a Sleep Number Bed.

I have said it before, I will say it again. There must be a playoff in major college football! I always thought that Boise State would be the school to put the exclamation point at the end of that sentence. But it was Alabama that finally made the argument for me. Nick Saban said it before I did. If you don’t win your conference you can’t play for a national title. Except that is exactly what happened. Bama didn’t win the SEC West let alone the SEC. Yet, they are your 2012 National Champions. That is a joke! Not that they won the game. Please don’t misunderstand me. They deserved the win.

Just not the title. But this is the system, so I will not fault Alabama for it. I will fault “Slick Nick” though. His self serving Coaches’ Poll vote of Oklahoma State #4 was a joke. Auburn’s Gene Chizik voting the Cowboys #5, yes another joke. I am not laughing, are you? Unless you are a ROLL TIDE fan, you shouldn’t even be smiling.

The word on the street is that there are changes coming soon. Playoffs? Have to win your conference to play for the title? We will find out soon.

Heath Ledger’s “Joker” would look at me right now and say, “Why so serious?”


Originally written and published for by Bruce Silverman