I knew tonight’s show was going to be explosive when I woke up to TMZ Sports release of another Ray Rice tape. It seems all the best sports stories debut on Mondays!

As the day wore on, the story grew and got uglier. First Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens then the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

The always articulate and outspoken former NFL punter Chris Kluwe was my first guest. Chris gave amazing insight into the culture of not only domestic abuse in the NFL but in our society as well. No stranger to the behind the scenes issues that plague the shield, he was the perfect guest as this story unfolded.

Barry Barnes of LockerReport.com is based in Baltimore and covers the Ravens so it was perfect to have him on tonight. We were looking forward to discussing the opening weekend but the Rice story dominated our conversation. It was spirited and animated and as the show went on, I speculated that TMZ had more and it was only a matter of time before they released it. I was right as it seems there is more to this story. This story could spell the end of Roger Goodell as commissioner of the NFL. Stay tuned.

I ended the show on a great, positive note. Stephane Guillaume is a fullback for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Guillaume was injured in October, 2013 during a game against the New York Cosmos. This past weekend, he returned to the pitch against those Cosmos in New York. Steph is always a great guest and it was great to see him return to the roster. His return should translate to a more exciting team in Fort Lauderdale.

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