As you may have heard, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers were sold two weeks ago. The Strikers Managing Partner Ricardo Geromel joined me at the top of the show. Geromel discussed his love of soccer and his desire to create a world class organization in South Florida that will win NASL championships. Geromel and his partners know, understand and appreciate the rich tradition and legacy of the Strikers. Fort Lauderdale’s soccer past and name recognition was among the reasons his group wanted to purchase the Strikers. They have a strong desire to make the Strikers a household name. We covered a lot of ground in the nearly one hour conversation. From his childhood to education to his thought’s on David Beckham, the MLS and if they will actually come to Miami. It’s a must listen for anyone who loves the Strikers and loves soccer.

After Ricardo, we went live to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to talk to Michael Coleman of KCTV5 in Kansas City. It was a great discussion on the Royals and their return to glory after 29 years as well as the Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Patriots.

We wrapped up the show with Nick Masuda of Golfweek Magazine. Nick broke down the issues with the USA Ryder Cup Team, the play of Rory McIlroy as well as the future of professional golf in this country.

So sit back, relax and enjoy another episode of SILVERMAN: On Sports!