Can’t believe it’s been eight years since the first SILVERMAN: On Sports! September 14, 2009 was the first and all these years later, we are still going strong.

There have been co-hosts that have come and gone but I have remained. Only because my name was on the show and since I can’t bring myself to replace myself!

Truly, special thanks to Richard Schwartz for putting together such a great list of guests to celebrate with us tonight! Richard has been such an awesome producer and co-host and tonight he out did himself.

Here is a list of the guests. No hints on the discussions we had other than to let you know that Mark Dawson serenaded me and I introduced him to show tunes he actually likes!


Rusty Silber, Peter Wilt, Tim Robbie, Dave Lamont, Chico Borja, Chet Coppock, Chuck Dowdle and Dawson!

And thank you for listening. Don’t go away, we will be right back with so much more. No, seriously. Don’t go away we have so much more planned soon!