Can’t believe it has been 3 years since I launched SILVERMAN: On Sports. It has been an amazing three years and we kicked off our 4th year tonight in grand fashion.

I am very lucky to have some amazing guests for you week in and week out and tonight some of those great people joined me for the celebration.

Thanks to David Schofield who was my first guest on that first show for being the first tonight! David is a great baseball man and great photographer!

David Bergman. What can I say about David that I haven’t raved about on the air? He is one of the best photographers in the world!

Brian “The Beast” London, so knowledgeable and frank about his beloved Miami Hurricanes and football in general.

Jorge Rodriguez, the Godfather of for calling in and not talking sports! Billy Corben of What a fun conversation about sports and so much more. Check out their “Broke” on ESPN when 30 for 30 Vol. 2 starts on October 2, 2012.

Ari Russell of Great stuff on the fresh college football season. Always strong and always opinionated!

I felt like a very proud papa tonight as two of my former co-hosts called in and both are doing very well at their respective colleges. Chris “The Wiz” Wittyngham at “The U” and Josh Appel at USF. Great to have those two help celebrate what we started three years ago.

And what other radio show has an official rabbi? I dont there is one. Rabbi Erin Boxt was brilliant tonight not only with his great prayer for the victims and survivors of 9-11 but for his great knowledge of sports!

I am a very lucky guy to be surrounded by great people on the show, calling in and listening out there in never, neverland!

Thank you.

Tonight’s show was for you! Enjoy!