Everyone that listens to my show knows I love to have fun and tonight I might have had one of the best times ever on the air.

I am a huge baseball guy and have been a student of the Negro Leagues for years. Tonight, I had the professor of the Negro Leagues, Bob Kendrick. Kendrick is the president of the Negro League Museum in Kansas City, MO. Bob has such enthusiasm for the rich history of the Negro Leagues and his history and players. He is a wonderful steward of the game and its place in our society. If you love baseball, love history and love amazing stories, this interview is a must listen. I conducted it and I can’t stop listening to it.

Amos Otis was born 11 days after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and lived only a few hundred feet from Hank Aaron. It was basically destiny that he would go on to play in the major leagues. Not only did Otis have a great career but he had amazing stories from his days in the ballpark. Remember the Pine Tar game in 1983 when George Brett went nuts? Otis was in the dugout and tells me all about it. Remember the All-Star Game in 1970 when Pete Rose barreled over Ray Fosse? Otis was the center fielder that make the throw to Fosse! His stories are legen…wait for it…dary! Another must listen.

It wouldn’t be SILVERMAN: On Sports if I wasn’t catching you up on the sports of the day and making my opinions known. So the end of the show is all about the biggest topics of today and the weekend.

Trust me when I say, tonight is a show that you must listen too. If you don’t enjoy it, I will refund your money! If you enjoy it, there is a tip jar at the door!