Tonight was baseball heavy. Alex Rodriguez heavy to be specific. With A-Rod playing while on appeal, anger toward the Yankee slugger is at an all-time high. Sunday night Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster took the “law” into his own hand and hit Rodriguez sparking a debate on whether hitting a batter on purpose is kosher. I had two New York area pros join me in the conversation. Special thanks to Dave Schofield and Mark Fontes for setting the record straight.

Barry Barnes of joined the fun to discuss NFL football. Barry is an expert on all things Ravens and Redskins and we had a great talk on both teams. We even got into the hot-issue of the name “Redskins.”

The hottest story of the past week has been of Steven Rhodes. Rhodes is a 24 year-old freshman at Middle Tennessee State University. He certainly isn’t the oldest guy playing college football. He did take on the NCAA and win and that is the impressive part of the story of a retired Marine defeating another enemy. Adam Sparks of the Daily News Journal covers MTSU and joined me with the breaking-news of Rhodes’ eligibility.

It was a great show (I know, they all are) so hit play and enjoy!