We went all over the sports map tonight: NASCAR, golf, college athletics and soccer.

Thanks to Matt Taliaferro of AthlonSports.com for coming on and helping me make sense of the tragedy out of the racing world. Tony Stewart was involved in a fatal crash during a Sprint Car race in upstate New York. Matt explained the nature of dirt car racing and helped me sense of a senseless accident.

As we completed the golf grand slam season here on SILVERMAN: On Sports we were joined by Nick Masuda of Golfweek Magazine. Nick, as always was candid about Rory, Tiger and the future of golf. I also posed a very interesting Tiger Woods question to Nick.

Open phones brought a great call about NCAA athletics in the wake of the Ed O’Bannon ruling. I love when my listeners call in.

The show wrapped up the professional debut of David Meves with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. David was one of the best college goalies of all time as a member of the Akron Zips. He won his first ever start in Ottawa over the Fury 2-1. David is a very humble young me and a great sport for letting me take some penalty kicks on him a few weeks ago during my Strikers #NASLAccess coverage.