Sometimes you do shows that simply rev up to a fantastic finish and tonight was one of those shows.

Thanks to George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel for coming on and talking about the Dwight Howard saga and the rest of the NBA off season.

Great discussions on Tim Tebow (special thanks to Jimmy Fallon Tebowie), a clip of the new EA Sports NCAA Football 13 (listen at your own risk) and of course, the first meeting between Big and Little Enos (the originals from Smokey and the Bandit, not Jeffrey Luria and David Sampson) and the Bandit himself.

Loved talking about Wimbledon as 2012 will be regarded as one of the best fortnights ever.

Special thanks to Michael Coleman of KCTV-5 in Kansas City for calling in from Kauffman Stadium in KC as the Home Run Derby was being held. I loved the discussion we had about Frank White and the Negro League Museum.

Fun, informative and funny! We had it all tonight on SILVERMAN: On Sports!