Tonight’s show features three of my favorite guests! Do you like beautiful unique sparkleponies? Who doesn’t right? Well, Chris Kluwe, the Bad-Ass Punter of the Oakland Raiders has a few things to say about sparkleponies and a lot more. I love having Chris on the show because he is never at a loss for words, topics to discuss and opinions. He will never shy away from a subject or a question and that is why he is one of my all-time favorite guests. Take a listen to one of the most honest and beautifully unique guys ever to don a NFL uniform. Jill Painter of the LA Daily News followed Chris to talk about all things Los Angeles. As you can imagine that included the Lakers, Dwight Howard and Yasiel Puig. Jill is cool and fun and most knowledgeable about the sports on her watch. Hey Puig is the most exciting rookies baseball has seen in decades. He should be an All-Star, go and vote for him to be in the All-Star game! Vote for Puig! If you want to talk baseball and I do, David Schofield is one of the best guys to talk to about it. David loves the game, the history of the game and was also SILVERMAN: On Sports very first guests. So sit back, relax and hit play and enjoy!