How did you celebrate the fact that Caddyshack made its debut 36 years ago today? I know how I did…with Michael O’Keefe. Yep Danny Noonan returned to SILVERMAN: On Sports to talk about the best sports movie of all time!

How do I follow up a conversation with O’Keefe? Briana Scurry of course. Briana won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996 and the World Cup in 1999 with the US Women’s National Team! Great conversation about her career, soccer in America, concussions and artificial turf.

Henry Boucha is a fascinating figure in sports. A promising young Olympic Silver Medalist whose career was cut short in a violent act on the pitch.

Barry Barnes covers the NFL and with camps just around the corner, tonight was a great time to get a preview of the league.

The show wraps up with rapid fire Caddyshack sound bites.