Word on the street is that LeBron James left the Miami Heat for Cleveland. To get the inside scoop into his decision and its aftermath, I brought in BleacherReport.com’s Ethan Skolnick. Ethan has covered the Heat for years and gave great insight into the before, during and after of Decision ’14. Great stuff!

With the Major League Baseball about to celebrate another All-Star Game, I felt it was the perfect time to bring in Dave Pallone. Dave was a MLB umpire for ten years and had awesome stories about his career including calling the 50th anniversary ’83 ASG. A great memory for him, the Fred Lynn grand slam. Check it out!

World Cup 2014 has ended with Germany’s 1-0 win over Argentina so it was time to bring in Phil Schoen of BeIn Sports. Phil is a life-long soccer fan and had a great perspective on this WC as well as the future of soccer in America. Just like me, Phil has always been a Striker Liker. Must listen!

Tonight’s SILVERMAN: On Strikers segment was with fullback Stephane Guillaume. Guillaume is on the mend after a bad knee injury versus the Cosmos in the 2013 campaign. Stephane is a wonderful young man. Soft-spoken, passionate and loves his team. I am thrilled he is working hard to get back on the pitch and help the Strikers win! Goallllllll!