It seems Monday is the best day to be on the radio.

We had planned on having former NFL punter Chris Kluwe come on tonight to discuss the NFL’s decision to ban kneeling during the National Anthem. Timely, sorta. Then while we were in a commercial break, it was announced Dwight Clark passed away of ALS and we knew we had to talk to Kluwe about CTE. Before the break ended, Donald Trump put out a statement disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House tomorrow to celebrate their Super Bowl championship. So yes, talking to Chris became very timely. And informative.

What was supposed to be a twenty-minute segment became a nearly fifty minute segment as Chris came on the show early and stayed late.

Just to keep the show light, we talked some Motown with Eric Patt. Agent Double O Soul! Great SILVERMAN: On Sports and a bunch of other (STUF). Time to break out the best of Motown you never heard of and the best albums of all time…according to Patt.

There was also an interesting debate on the NBA’s GOAT.

It’s must listen radio and you will enjoy!