Tonight, in a SILVERMAN: On Sports EXCLUSIVE, great friend to the show, Chris Kluwe discussing how he was put on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings. The bad-ass punter discussed, football, gay rights, Jason Collins, his rock music and love of video games. For the entire conversation, listen here! As always, Kluwe is candid and awesome!

I also raise the question regarding how supportive the NFL really is. The two most vocal supporters of gay rights in the NFL are both out of jobs at the moment as Kluwe joined Brendon Ayanbadejo on the unemployment line.

Thanks to Jill Painter of the LA Daily News for talking all things Los Angeles and Bob Irzyk of KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City for talking about the Thunder.

In between, I had a great fan of the show call in plus a mini rant on the Miami Dolphins and how they are crying they did not get an opportunity to take money from the state to improve Sun Lifeless Stadium.