Tonight the prodigal son, Josh Appel returned to the show. Josh returned to join me in the Caddyshack for the first time since we moved the show to the new studios. It was fun to have him back on the show.

We had a great time catching up and had no problem mixing it up like we always did. Josh was one of my first interns and he has certainly grown into a fine broadcaster and he makes me very proud.

A big thank you to Patrick Burke of the Philadelphia Flyers and You Can Play for joining me on the show for the first time. Patrick brought great insight into the NHL season and the playoffs. As the founder of You Can Play, Burke has be instrumental is paving the way to making gay athletes accepted on the field.

With the Eastern Conference finals just days away, it was great to check in with Tommy Shoegler of Indiana’s News Center to discuss the matchup between the Heat and Pacers. We had a very spirited conversation about LeBron James as well.

Josh and I had a lot of time to discuss a number of different topics so download the show and enjoy!