We always have fun on SILVERMAN: On Sports and tonight was no exception. Bubba Watson, Bubba Watson, Bubba Watson. The Georgia Bulldog is your 2012 Masters champion!

There was a great article by the Sporting News exposing Urban Meyer for the fraud that he is and we not only discussed it, but we actually had a caller that graduated from University of Florida that could not defend Meyer!

Thanks again to Sean Fazende of FOX 8 in New Orleans for the latest on the Saints bounty scandal. Dave Schofield, our MLB Insider came on and we made our picks for the World Series.

Adam and I discussed the Ozzie Guillen situation agreeing that he just can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. If you missed it, Ozzie Loves Fidel not Harriet.

We finished up with George Richards of the Miami Herald talking NHL playoffs!

Remember, they report, I decide…I am Bruce Silverman!