Tonight SILVERMAN: On Sports broke in a new intern and covered the Final Four Championship Game with gusto!

Kenny Anderson checked in from inside the Georgia Dome and Kenny was on fire! We talked about the game between Louisville and Michigan (he picks Louisville) as well as a lot more basketball. Today Rick Pitino was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame along with the Knicks’ Bernard King, UNLV’s Jerry Tarkanian and Sonics’ Gary Payton. Kenny played for Pitino and had great insight into the man. He grew up in the shadow of the Knicks and played against Tark. He also played with Payton and against Payton. Anderson has thrown his hat into the ring for the vacant Florida Gulf Coast job and we discussed that opportunity. I also asked Kenny about the situation at Rutgers and he told me that he has never seen or heard of a coach abusing players like Mike Rice did during his practices.

Kendrick Haskins of WAVE TV-3 in Louisville joined me for the second year in a row. Last year, Kendrick picked Kentucky over his hometown Cardinals and this year he is going with the homers. We had a blast talking about his experiences covering the game tonight and he truly broke down the advantage Pitino’s kids have over Michigan. Haskins also gave incredible insight into Louisville’s Kevin Ware, his injury, his recovery and his attitude!

Adam Cristo created another version of Smart or Stupid and I wrote my favorite tweet ever after saying it on the air earlier in the show.

The tweet was: No truth to the rumor I am starting that former Rutgers’ coach Mike Rice was offered a guest spot on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management!