With the Masters starting on Thursday we talked a lot of golf tonight. Gail Graham won two LPGA titles during her career. Graham grew up in Canada and has great insight into today’s golf on both the PGA tour as well as the ladies tour.

We took another look at the 1970’s with a great discussion of classic television like the original Odd Couple and Rockford Files.

Mike Kruzick is a golf instructor with Golf-Tec and he provided great perspective on today’s game, swings and equipment.

Finally tonight we welcomed Jim Peterik of Survivor to the show. Just moments before he took the stage in Nashville, he spent time telling us about the origin of Eye of the Tiger and Rocky III as well as his favorite career moments. Jim also sang some Beatles tunes which is becoming a staple of SILVERMAN: On Sports (and a bunch of other stuff)!


Editor’s note: Show starts 22 seconds after hitting start.