I like to do topic radio and tonight I did just that. I just don’t like to be forced to do so. Donald Sterling’s alleged comments on a leaked audio tape made me decide to do a show on racism in American sports.

I tackled this subject and how it specifically applies to the Los Angeles Clippers and Sterling from a number of different angles. Leading off the all-star lineup was Jill Painter-Lopez of the LA Daily News. Jill is one of the best columnists in the nation covers all the major teams in the Los Angeles area. She gave us the background on the breaking of this story, Sterling’s history with the Clippers, the local area and the players reactions.

Wade Davis is the executive director of the You Can Play Project. Davis is a former NFL player and LGBT advocate. His insight into the issue was interesting and unique as he looked at it from multiple points of view: activist, athlete, executive.

Billy Corben is a documentary filmmaker best known for working with the ESPN series 30 for 3o. Most recently he produced The Tanning of America, One Nation Under Hip Hop for VH1. Billy brought a completely different take to the conversation in a very frank and candid conversation on the leaked audio tapes and the comments being attributed to Sterling.

Antonio Harvey is the radio color voice of the Portland Trailblazers and former NBA player. Among his stops in the league were both LA teams. He gave perspective as a player on the Sterling issue as well as talking about the legendary former coach of the Blazers, Dr. Jack Ramsey.

Dave Lamont worked with Dr. Jack for years as a Heat broadcaster. He spoke about his respect and admiration for his friend and former colleague. He also had great stories to tell about him. Dave also weighed in on the topic of the night.

I finished up the action packed show with an interview with Fort Lauderdale Striker Martin Nunez. Nunez was the team’s leading scorer in 2013 and opened up the scoring in the Strikers 3-2 win over the Indy Eleven Saturday night at Lockhart.

It was a difficult show to host but a very important one as well. Tuesday at 2pm eastern we will find out how Adam Silver and the NBA react and act to Donald Sterling and is alleged words and actions.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!