Tonight I took you to the center of the college basketball universe to get ready for the national championship game between Kentucky and Kansas.

I started the show with former Georgia Tech All American Kenny Anderson. The conversation started with his amazing freshman year and the amazing win over Michigan State that propelled his Yellow Jackets into the 1990 Final Four in Denver. Kenny brought wonderful perspective to tonight’s match  up and broke down both teams leaders. Kenny’s pick: head-Kentucky, heart-Kansas, winner-Kentucky.

From Kenny I took you to New Orleans into the Superdome with Kendrick Hawkins of WAVE3 in Louisville. Kendrick took us through the UK-Louisville game and made his pick for tonight, Kentucky.

After Kendrick, Michael Coleman of KCTV5 in Kansas City joined me from another part of the Superdome. The Kansas native was strong with his analysis of the game as well as a very interesting perspective on college athletics in general. Michael’s pick: Kansas by 4.

I closed the show with Brian “The Beast” London of and @allcanesradio. Brian is always fantastic on the show and we talked not only about tonight’s game but the Orange Bowl, the new Florida Marlins park and even though we never talked about The U, he did pick Kentucky to win tonight. We will talk about The U the next time he is on!

As for me, I pick Kentucky to win tonight. They are just too strong and too deep, just like Kenny, my heart is with Kansas but even the Wizard of Oz couldn’t help Bill Self’s team tonight!