Sometimes doing a radio show is a lot of fun and other times it can be sad, tonight was both.

Yesterday, at the age of 43, ex-NBAer and former University of Florida star Dwayne Schintzius passed away from respiratory failure at the age of 43. At 7 foot 2, Schintzius was certainly a larger than life figure and that translated on and off the court. George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel joined me to discuss his life and career. Don’t forget the amazing performance Dwayne had in the 1996 flick Eddie starring Whoopi Goldberg! We played the most famous clip from the movie, “Ivan make basket!

With Ozzie Guillen returning tomorrow to manage the Marlins, I thought it would be an interesting discussion to go outside of Little Havana and get some Ozzie perspective. Thanks to legendary WGN TV sportscaster Rick King for joining me. Rich covered Guillen during his years as a White Sox player and manager and summed it up as I have, it was “Ozzie being Ozzie” when he said he loved Castro.

I know that I am torn about his comments regarding the former dictator from Cuba. In this country you certain have the right to say you love someone, even a hated former head of state, but when you were hired specifically because you were Latin, you simply can’t say stupid things like that in the middle of Little Havana where the Marlins new ballpark was built.

We also talked home runs because steroids seem to find their way into the discussion. Kickoffs in the NFL also made it to our radar as well. Enjoy the show!