Tonight was one of the most difficult shows of my career.

Earlier today, two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon around the 4:19 mark of the race. Over one-hundred were injured and as of this posting, three had been killed. The first hour of the show was dedicated to coverage of this event. I had the news, the analysis and my thoughts. Before the show, I had spoken with a runner that finished the race about an hour before the explosions and saw the carnage out of her hotel room window. Because cell phone service was cut off in the hours after the event she was unable to join me on the air. Julie Wolf, SILVERMAN: On Sports editor, did join me live from outside Boston. She was at the race at mile maker 4 and gave a great accountant of her experiences early in the race and her thoughts of what unfolded hours later.

I had planned on starting the show talking about The Masters after the amazing win by Adam Scott. I pushed that conversation with Nick Masuda of GolfWeek magazine to the second hour of the show. Nick is a fantastic writer and our conversation about an Aussie winning for the first time was awesome. When the conversation turned to Tiger Woods, the rules of golf, the 15th on Friday and the aftermath, the best golf coverage on radio was loud and clear. I finished the interview asking Nick about the issue of security at golf events and asking him about homosexuality in golf. I don’t think anyone has ever asked him about that before.  Thats what you get on SILVERMAN: On Sports.

There was so much more I wanted to talk about tonight. The wonderful movie about Jackie Robinson, 42, the woeful Florida Marlins, the possible career-ending injury of Kobe Bryant and other sports topics, but sometimes sports is not about life and sometimes life is all about sports.

Not everything we talked about was pleasant or happy, but it was important to talk about it nonetheless.