We try to bring you an interesting mix of guests and topics and tonight was no different.

Barry Barnes of LockerReport.com covers the Baltimore Ravens and had developed a close relationship with Tray Walker. Walker lost his life a few days ago in a dirt-bike accident near his home in Miami. Barnes paid tribute to his friend and talked about where the Ravens go from here after another off-the-field situation.

Bob Halloran covers the Boston Red Sox for WCVB. Bob broke down the Sox chances in the American League East. He also offered his opinion on the designated hitter and gave us a tour of Fenway Park.

Depression is a topic that most people don’t discuss. Certainly not many sports show tackle the subject but we do. Dr. Steve Arkin joined us again to discuss the tragedy of losing his son and what more needs to be done to protect our minds.

We wrapped up the show in Kansas City with Dee Jackson from KSHB. Dee was fantastic talking about the chances of the Royals repeating as World Champions. He also gave of an interesting pic for greatest baseball player in the history of Kansas City. Who did Dee pick? You gotta listen to find out!