Tonight was a very touching show. We held a funeral and sat shiva for the once proud and mighty Miami Dolphins.

I want to thank Rabbi Erin Boxt for starting the show with the Mourner’s Kaddish followed by great calls from Adam Kuperstein of NBC6 in Miami and Donovan Campbell of WSVN7 in Miami.

A very special thank you to our callers and our Facebook and Twitter fans for keeping in touch with us during this very tribute to the fallen franchise.

We had great discussions about why the Dolphins are failing on and off the field. The conversations were thought provoking, intelligent and moving.

It was nice to switch gears later in the show and talk about the Sweet 16 of the Big Dance as well as other sports related issues!

Once again, SILVERMAN: On Sports on Radio has proven it will boldly go where other shows would not dare to go.

To the Miami Dolphins, RIP.