Tonight was just fun. Fun facts. Fun talk. Fun stuff. Now you get to have some fun listening to it.

Richard and I had a great discussion about teams that no longer exist and how teams have changed their names and moved from city to city? Do you know where the St. Louis Browns played before moving to Baltimore to become the Orioles? You will when you listen!

Chris Clark is an Emmy Award winning sports anchor and a great friend of the show. Where does Chris display his multiple Emmys? How does he shave his head? Why does he shave his head and what does he think of journalism today? Listen and you will know.

Music is becoming a great source of fun for us on the show and tonight we got social with Larry Liss and Steve Simoncic of Trick Shooter Social Club. What a fun interview from a band with an awesome concept.

Tonight also marked our seventh anniversary of SILVERMAN: On Sports on the Radio. Thanks for making this show so much FUN!