Originally published  on SILVERMAN: On Sports: January 11, 2012:

Now Tim Tebow haunts my slumber. I rarely watch David Letterman anymore but tonight I tune in to see the lovely Kate Beckinsale and Dave’s got a Top 10 re: Timmy Terrific!

For those of you that missed it, I got out of bed for you. Here are Letterman’s Little Known Facts about Tim Tebow

1o. Fell to earth when his home planet Krypton exploded.

9. Throws left, pray right.

8. For breakfast has Icy Hot on toast.

7. If you tell him your street address, he’ll tell you the value of your home.

6. Currently 9th on the Kim Kardashian athlete waiting list.

5. Back in college threw a football twenty yards

4. One time, lost his temper and said, “Darn It”

3. Distracts defenders by flashing his beautiful, piercing blue eyes

2. Justin Bieber fans have “Bieber Fever”; Tim Tebow fans have “The Tebola Virus”

1. Can turn water into Gatorade

Thanks Dave! Now I wont be able to sleep tonight. Nightmares with visions of Tebow in my head. I wonder if Bill Belichick is having those tonight too?

now check out the video!