It’s the day after the Super Bowl. We are still marveling about the New England Patriots comeback. We give the analysis on the game and it’s theatrics.

After putting the game to rest, it is time to discuss the commercials and for that discussion we bring in ad exec Loren Chylla to give the good, the bad and the political a spin.

Since we sometimes move the conversation away from sports, tonight is time for SILVERMAN: On Sports and a Bunch of Other Stuff. Music was the stuff.

Ever heard of PF Sloan? Didn’t think so but you have heard his music, his songs, his words. Steve Feinberg is fantastic telling us the story of Sloan and what he means to the not only the world of music but his contributions to our country. There maybe a constitutional amendment that has Sloan to thank. Listen and find out way.

Ever heard of the band Love? I hadn’t but their story is fascinating. Bill McGuire is making a case for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Would you grant them entry?