This past weekend was a great time for women in sports!

History was made in MMA when Ronda Rousey won the first ever UFC Women’s Title. Jorge de la Noval of Championship Fighting Alliance gave great insight to this up and coming sport. Jorge believes boxing is the past and MMA is the future.

Big Enos, Jeffrey Loria wrote his appeal to the fans and what a joke of a letter it was. I read the letter and broke it down for the waste of paper it was printed on. Loria may have a new PR company, but the BS is just the same old load.

Matt Taliaferro of Athlon joined me to discuss the Daytona 500 and the history Danica Patrick made on the track.  We broke down the entire weekend at the Great American Race and talked about the NASCAR season.

We finished the show with a fun discussion on the Oscars last night. Always good to go to SILVERMAN: On Sports and a Bunch of Other Stuff!