Cinderella story!

Leading off, Dave Pallone, former MLB umpire came on and spoke about Jason Collins breaking another barrier when he took the court as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Pallone was outed by the New York Post more than twenty years ago and is an outspoken individual on gay rights. Our conversation then went to the game of baseball and his insight into the game is fantastic. Loved talking baseball with him.

As you know, I call my studio the Caddyshack and having Danny Noonan on the show was just amazing. Earlier today Caddyshack director Harold Ramis passed away. Actor Michael O’Keefe starred as Noonan in the film and he was gracious by coming on my show to talk about Ramis, his fond memories of him and his time on the Caddyshack set. We discussed many different parts in his career. For any Caddyshack fan, this is a must listen interview. O’Keefe also agreed to play golf with me at Bushwood, so I have that going for me, which is nice!

I had a brief but very strong unscripted commentary regarding a Washington lobbyist trying to write legislation to banned Michael Sam and other gay players from the National Football League. It stemmed from an article posted earlier today on

The show capped off with an interview with an up and coming actor working hard during the television pilot season. You might know Seth Menachem from the A-Ha “Take on me” VW Passat commercial but after this guest spot on SILVERMAN: On Sports you will know him for his career.