We continue to do the radio you just don’t hear anymore and don’t just take our word for it. Take it from legendary DJ Pat O’Day!

We started off talking baseball with Steve Selby and Kyle Tait. Steve is the voice of the Memphis Redbirds. Memphis is the AAA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. Steve is a long time radio play-by-play veteran and what great stories he had.

Kyle is a veteran himself, albeit a slighter younger one. Educated at Georgia Tech (we won’t hold that against him), we had a great conversation about baseball, The Varsity and what a FO Margarita would taste like. Yes we went all out on National Margarita Day!

We finished off the show with a true legend in the radio business. Pat O’Day was the first DJ in America to play a Beatles record. Aptly it was “From Me to You” and he also introduce the world to some of the best artists in the world. His close friendship with Jimi Hendrix was discussed as well. The highlight of the show for me was the back story of one of the most famous records of all time, “Louie Louie” and please take a note there is no comma there. I asked Pat about Seattle music going from Hendrix to Nirvana and he told us about Rockin’ Robin Roberts and the Wailers and a little song they had that had become number one three times. It was eventually recorded by the Kingsmen but the original version of “Louie Louie” is a treasure.

We hope you like our radio show as much as we enjoy hosting it for you!

(Programming note: The show starts 20 seconds into the recording. It is worth the wait!)