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Just to prove that SILVERMAN: On Sports is the smartest sports radio show, we went to Harvard University tonight! Martin Kessler of TheCrimson.com joined me to talk about the rising star, NY Knick Jeremy Lin. Lin, the former Harvard standout, has been on Kessler’s radio for years. He gave us great insight into the college career of the NBA’s man of the hour. It was a really fun interview. Thanks to Martin for joining the SILVERMAN: On Sports family.

The show also included great conversations on everything NBA, pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training as well as the media Jumping the Shark with Lin puns. We also discussed the controversy surrounding the firing and suspensions that have come out of the punathon that is celebrating Jeremy Lin’s taking New York by storm.

We also paid tribute to Gary “The Kid” Carter who passed away after a battle with brain cancer.

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