Doing a show the day after the Super Bowl is always a treat and always entertaining.

Tonight basketball legend Kenny Anderson came into the Caddyshack and co-hosted  the show with me. Kenny helped me break down the NBA season so far. We also discussed his career and life since the beginning of his basketball days, through his high school, college and pro careers.

The big game was certainly interesting and the big discussion since 59:30 into the game was Seattle’s decision to pass on second and a foot. I brought in Barry Barnes to break it all down and so much more. Usually after a Super Bowl all the news is on the game and this year was a little different. Along with the game, we discussed Johnny Manziel, Warren Sapp and Adrien Peterson.

Part of the charm of the Super Bowl is certainly the commercials. This year was Daddy’s year along with some heart-tugging to go with a steady stream of humor. To discuss the best and not so good we went out to Cleveland and brought in The Ad Com Group’s Loren Chylla.

To wrap all the football talk, I switched gears to talk futbol. There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Joe Nasco. Nasco is now the net minder for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Nasco is a colorful character and a solid keeper and the fans are going to love his style on and off the pitch. Great interview!