Tonight had a very real Chicago flavor. If only someone had sent us some deep dish pizza.

We kicked off the show with Peter Wilt. Peter is the pied piper of soccer and he is bring a new Chitown soccer team to the NASL. One of the great guys in sports, this exec was on the air with us for nearly 30 minutes less than an hour from the kick off party for Chicago NASL. What team president does that? Peter! Follow him on Twitter and follow Chicago NASL as well. Check out the franchise’s website as well.

The late, great Les Paul brought so much innovation to music and there are so many great stories about him and his life. Steve and Johnnie, two long-time Chicago radio legends from WGN joined us to share some memories of the godfather of the electric guitar, their good friend Les Paul. If you are a music fan, love guitar or just enjoy stories you probably didn’t know, then this is the interview for you.

We also discussed Peyton Manning and a story that has resurfaced about him and his days at Tennessee. We talk a little politics too.